Does yours beat?

I’m tearing inside.
Don’t you get any clue of that? 

I’m afraid that you may replace me with someone else. But I wish to bring to your kind regard that you are non replaceable and I’m also non repairable, in addition this pain is unbearable.

 Come for my rescue, please. 

Don’t you feel that?

I’m waiting for you to fill the void you left in me. But I’m helpless in putting my thoughts into words. My every actions speak my unspoken words and clearly like a sinking ship, I need your hands to survive. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

I’m bleeding inside. 
Will you come to sooth me? 

One second I think I’m over you and the next second I crave and cry for you. I’m not me anymore. I usually detest the people who hurt me. But I’m still waiting for you with wide open hearts and hands to plaster the wounds you created in my heart. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

I’m withering inside. 
Can’t you help me?

I’m facing you each day and I shake hands with you. It doesn’t mean that I have moved on. It portrays that I have mastered the art of acting normal behind the deep hidden bruises. I’m looking deep into your eyes just with a hope that you are missing me too. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

I’m weeping inside. 

Can’t you pacify me? 

I’m still struck to a gleam of hope that you’ll miss me in return. I am zealous and equipped to welcome you again into my life if and only if you return with medicines for my pain and plasters for my bruises. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

                                Yours loving,

             The heart beating for your arrival.


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