Book review of Ashvamedha written by Aparna Sinha

Nothing in world is dangerous than an unknown well wisher and faceless enemy and Ashwin had both. The story was great, simple and remarkable. One must read it to understand how to oraganise the chaos of different stories without sacrificing the plot.

The story revolves around Ashwin who wanted to fulfill his duties towards nation only through honesty but being honest only leads to trouble. He wanted to make difference like all of us, but he couldn’t accomplice it by being IAS officer. So he resigned and joined the Nationlistic party which feigned to be utmost honest and sincere party in the present time. His decision forced opposition from friends, family and relatives. Even his love Adya walks out of his life. Now years later he was crowned party president and was also nominated for the post of Prime minister. Eventually everything fall in places and he becomes the youngest PM of India. Then starts the final phase where Ashwin with other leaders of world join forces to face World crisis together and with turn of events where only Ashwin was left to deal with it makes him take decision on behalf of world, due to which Ashwin becomes the most powerful man of world only to be defeated by Hades who was his creator too. But the question remained unanswered till the very end making me doubt each character of story. Actually I guessed Ashwin to be Hades until you introduced several other information which made me change my mind.

I love to quote a line which is my favourite , “Ethical politics is a myth and clean governance is a chimerical dream”. This book will surely hook you all till the very last page of book.

My ratings : 4.5 / 5


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