Review of THE BOGUS READ by Divyamaan

The Bogus Read

Author : Divyamaan

No. Of pages : 289

Cost : 295

Publishers : Leadstart Publishing Pvt Limited

Blurb :

This book is based on two events taking place simultaneously. One is from the engineering college and the other is at the battlefield. 

Five friends, who almost thought that their only aim to be a student of that college is to win the counter-strike championship. But when that very day came and when they were crowned, it was not as expected for them. There was not a single SOUL to congratulate them on their success which almost broke their heart as they spent their whole four years to win this championship. And continuously, the next week they all five topped the semester exams which they almost thought as a dream. Having donated all their time for counter-strike they never thought that it could happen as most of the toppers also took back seat in that exam. And the very next day, when one of the friends goes through the newspaper of 120 pages, he found nothing useful in the paper as most of the pages where covered with silly gossips and mindless ads. But the invasion of enemy country into India occupied a box in the corner of a page. This almost triggered some doubts deep in their hearts and also the news of the addiction of college goers to saas bahu soaps added more fuel to their uprising doubts.

On other hand, the uprising battle between India and Pakistan is discussed where the Indian army men is found nowhere but were watching action movies in the underground, minutes before the battle begin. Thus it brings to the readers notice that something was at due fault in the uprising of India’s bureaucracy and also media channels.

And when the five students from engineering college start their journey towards finding the inactivity of the society and the masterminds behind the dumb minds of people of India, they come across series of troubles and finally end up in finding the underground network relation between the normal people and the army men and how soap operas have influenced them.

The later part of the story is a mind blower which should be experienced by the reader himself.

Review :

This book assures humour in every paragraph you read and also the battlefield scenes is nothing less than a patriotism filled action movie. The description of the scenes almost brings the battle live before our eyes. The author uses simple language which keeps the reader engaged with the book. The problem solving techniques of the engineering college students are not only a page turner but also makes us laugh hard at every page. This book also creates doubt in ourselves whether we had also became prey for the technological intelligence of Pakistan. 

The first part of the book describes the problems in the society and the second part moves towards finding solution for those problems. The author has handled the whole novel in a comical way with a disclaimer that it is a work of fiction. His creative thinking recieves applause in every chapter and his third person narration describes the depth of every character. We all might have a doubt on the prologue as it opens up with the event at 1999 and the doubts has been clearly verified in the continous chapters.

And I clearly found nothing to remark as demerits in this book.

My views :

What if the serials you watch and the movies you celebrate are some of the cunning tricks laid by our enemy nation to make you fall for their trap? 

What if the celebrities you have been worshipping till date are the duplicates of the real ones?

What if the teenagers get addicted to soap operas?

Get your answers at “The Bogus Read”. The most guaranteed book for laughter with some sprays of sarcasm. Also a good page turner which covers you within its hold until you finish the book. 

If you are waiting for a political genre book mixed up with humor, “The Bogus Read” is the best choice to opt for.

This review on “The Bogus Read” is just what I thought about the book and what I felt on reading this book. But your thoughts might vary from mine.

My ratings : 5 / 5

Enjoy reading….

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