Review of FROM ZERO TO ONE by Maneesha Agarwal

Title : From Zero to One

Author : Maneesha Agarwal

No. Of Pages : 140

Cost : Rs 225

Review : 

Obstacles, frustrations, deadlocks, crisis and paradoxical situations prevails everywhere to everyone but the only interrogate that infuse our spirit is “Are we ready to face it courageously?”. The book opens with the only survival from the deluge, Manu. The book travels along with Manu and his heroic determination to uplift the society. His faithless attitude towards the existing life has soon overcame as soon as he sees the huge set of people. At certain point he is anchored by the thoughts of woman. The lovestruck Manu fails to reveal his feelings to the lady love because he finds it unethical to do so in the midst of his responsibility. This clearly shows that in no place love fails to exist. History ever ends and it may appear as vague topic but the author wittily peppered love to it that makes the readers to turn the pages. Manu’s kind heart and patience results in the union of the inhabitants and ultimately the story ends positively of what he deserves. The last few words from Manu and Kamayani is memorable and makes a good end.The mythological setting provides a greatness and a  positive outlook. The story instead of making itself monotonous in the end has shifted to the romantic or the personal life of Manu and Kamoyani.

Though the words are bombastic and grandiloquent it is easily comprehensible. The book is simple yet the powerful idealogy, highlights the importance of positive outlook in life. The idealogy of patience and the power has been clearly portrayed using the great characters of Manu and Banasur and also shows us how patience defeats power. The story has some coherence and it brings out the author’s best knowledge. It will be a good feast for the person who is looking for history genre. It highlights that everyone in the world are born to perform some duties and if it is not so, to give our breathe when our dear ones has already given away. Desire does decides us. Hopefully looking for the upcoming books in the same or different genre.

Ratings : 

Cover : 3.5 / 5

Content : 4 / 5

Words : 4.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4 / 5

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