Review of ALWAYS BE MINE by Neha Daraad

Title : Always be mine

Author : Neha Daraad

Publishers : Inspire India Publishers

Genre : Romance

Cost : 189/-

No. Of pages : 301

Cover :
The mild color combination of the cover page gives a pleasant view. The bridge which plays an indispensable role in this story is also added in the cover page.

Blurb :

Not everyone who walks into your life are meant to be with you forever.

The story opens up with the protagonist Arjun narrating his love life to his friend Raghav. And the flashback uncovers. 

Arjun, the son of a great business tycoon, suffers great loss in his life right from his childhood. He had never experienced the parental care from his parents and so his childhood and teen was spent in longing for their deprived love. When his life was swallowed with bundles of sorrows, he decides to end his life. But little did he know that that’s where his life really starts. Aakansha, a girl of spirits who possess the ability to make her acquaintances happy was sent to the earth to wipe out the loneliness of Arjun. Destiny leads them to meet at the bridge on an evil night. Then they start with friendship and eventually fall in love but when they start planning for future together, the unbelievable truth in Arjun’s life uncovers. When he was unable to fight against it, he runs away from that bitter truth leaving everyone and everything behind. And the story was built up on the platform whether he was able to fight it back and regained all others trust or he gave up himself to be submerged in that truth??

Review :

There is an Aakansha, behind every Arjun’s success.

Each and every characters were portrayed at its best and the pain of Arjun’s sufferings were injected into our heart directly through the words of the author. The character of Aakansha is still close to my heart and her character will give  you hope that you can win the whole world if a girl like her stands beside you.Her positive attitude towards the world is a significant lesson to learn. Aakansha’s bitter flashback and the way she overcame that proves her optimistic approach to every disasters she crossed. God would punish me, if I fail to address the sweet friend of Arjun, Abhimanyu and I’m sure everyone would crave for a lifelong friend like him who stands with you in all your ups and flaws. The story is an immediate page turner with lots of unbelievable twists and turns which glue you to the book. And the author has created an amazing movie plot with interesting story line. The story not only dealt with the romance plot but also the importance of every relationship in the success of a man.

Every single events like birthday parties, weddings, receptions are narrated well and the words builds up that scenes infront of our eyes. The way the author described the hidden emotions is very touchy and emotional. The author had narrated every events so elegantly and the first person narration almost makes us to live the life of those characters.
Whatever happens in your life, the only solution is moving on. The whole story is built up on this plot. It’s unbelievable that it’s the debut book of the author as I didn’t find any flaws other than I was unable to keep the book down. The word selection adds more essence to the book and the plot.

The first few chapters expresses the pain and sufferings Arjun undergoes and it creates a soft corner for him in each of our hearts. After the entry of Aakansha, not only the life of Arjun but also the story gears up with a speed and its an immediate page turner. The brief story which Aakansha explains to Arjun is a life lesson for all who struggles with their past. Knotted with a heart throbbing love, forever lasting friendship and the indispensable parental care, Always be mine is a must read to understand the values of every relationships and also it teaches a great lesson of how and why to overcome your past.
My view on the book :

 This book is a decent love story and is suggestible for every debut readers which stamps the importance of every relationship. Though, the editing and proofreading was not satisfactory, the story will win over your hearts.

Ratings :

Cover page : 4.5 / 5

Story plot : 4.5 / 5

Editing : 3.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :

Thanks for reading.

And the above review is just what I thought and felt by heart and your views might vary.

Best wishes …..


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