Review of INDIA SHINING by Alcatraz Dey

Title : India Shining

Author : Alcatraz Dey

Genre : Crime thriller

Previous works : Serpentine Scrolls

No. Of Pages : 316

Cost : Rs 275

Publishers : Author Paradise

Cover design : Ajithabha Bose

Blurb :

Shantanu has always let down everyone in his life. He does not think so. For Nishi who had to suffer every single day after Shantanu suddenly left her, he is now the person she hates the most. Unknown to them Nishi’s father has left behind a huge secret with her. A trident tattoo on her hand and much more that he never revealed. After years of separation and hatred Nishi is forced to work with Shantanu. Shantanu also has a secret of his own. Powerful men are receiving strange messages from a man called Solomon. He believes there is something very valuable that a geologist has discovered and never revealed to the world. What does the trident mean? Why did Nishi’s father disappear with the secret? What is that Solomon wants? Most importantly what is India Shining?

Cover page :

Ajithabha Bose deserves a huge applause as the cover page almost says what’s the story is about. The colour difference between the letters Shini and ng in the word Shining has a different story hidden in them. With India Gate, the Rastrapathi Bhavan and Qutub Minar in the background, the blood stained India Shining gives a clue to the readers about the mystery hidden underneath.

Review :

“India shining “, one of the best crime thriller books which I have ever come across. The book opens up with a romantic plot on a winter morning with the introduction of the protagonists, Shanthanu and Nishi. But the turn over starts in the very first chapter and the consequent chapters are stained and soaked in blood. The book has loads of characters and yet the author has tried his best to give a clear view about every characters. The author’s success lies in hooking up his readers with his book till the end. And Mr. Dey has exactly done this in this book. It’s a fast paced crime thriller book and ths author has made us live along with the characters. With lots of mysteries and twists, the author has served a great feast for thriller lovers. Though at times, we might be confused about the happenings and discussion going on among the characters, the story never fails in coherence. The story also deals with feelings and emotions like love, parenthood, betrayal and love for nation. The repeated verses like She was a strong woman. She was the rock of Gibraltar proves at the end. And the climax is nothing less than an action movie which hooks us with the fast pacing story and nail biting twists. And this book is absolutely an immediate page turner. 

At first, the story revolves around the organisations of F.U.C.K and MISERYTOOL and also the mystery behind Nishi’s tatoo which serves as the only tool to know about the major disaster to be happened in the city. The next half, travels with some action sequences and the theory Shanthanu uses to unravel the hidden truth is impressing. Though Nishi never loves him, his love story travels along with the mysteries. And the final part, every knots are unveiled one by one with more surprises and astonishment and goosebumps. For sure, our hearts starts ticking with the passing time in the final few pages.

Every characters are portrayed with much importance and every chapters are small with twists at the end. Hence the book can be read in a single go. The words are lucid and hence gives a clear view about what the author feels to say.

My view on the book :

The chapter which is still close to my heart is where Shanthanu uses his intellectual ideas to stop the elevetor in the mid way in Williams apartment just to escape from Maneater ( Chapter 56 ). This book is an awesome read for all the thriller lovers. I was confused a little after reading the chapters about the ultra violet rays, but that was coped up in the subsequent chapters and that’s where Mr. Alcatraz Dey succeeds as a successful writer.

What if the whole nation was in danger just because of a crazy man who wants to prove the world that he is genius?

What if your mind has been controlled for ages by your foe?

What if the parental care showered on you was just fake?

What if you have given up the love of your life to just work as an assasin in a fraud organisation?

What if you have been fooled by everyone whom you trusted the most?

Find the answers for all these questions in this book. 

Ratings :

Cover page : 4.5 / 5

Storyline : 4.5 / 5

Editing : 5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :
Grab your copy at

This review is all about what I thought by heart and your views might vary from mine. But you’ll never be disappointed with this book. 

Thanks for reading….

Best wishes….


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