Review of THE ORIGIN OF MARTIN KROOGER by Sameer Kumar

Title : The Origin of Martin Krooger

Author : Sameer Kumar

Publications : Half baked beans

Format : Paperback , Kindle edition

No. of pages : 187

Cost : RS 299

Cover design : Manoj Nath

Blurb :

In the land of Gods, the arrival of a vigilante stormed the silence. He was brutally used and harassed by Gods. His emotions and sentiments were toyed with. The most powerful god, Agusthus, feels crippled before him. He targets everyone responsible for his state. He drains Agusthus by slaughtering his son. He exhausts Moira, daughter of Agusthus, by killing her brother before her eyes. He breaks Castle Gray, the only one capable of stopping him, by cursing his love into a cold bloodless stone. He weakens the powerful Queen Iris, Gray’s mother, and enslaves her husband. He certainly has no opponent. However, no one targets him. He is so silent and precise that no one buys the fact that the vigilante, who was cursed and killed long ago, is somehow back. Hence, the time waits for the birth of the last hope left to save the world from the wrath of the demon. Time waits for ‘Martin Krooger.’

Cover page :

The light shades of blue and pink adds essence to the cover page. The restless waves and clouds along with a creature personifying evilness guides us know the hidden story inside the book.

Review :

 The author recieves a great applause for opting the genre of fantasy fiction in the world of romance lovers. The author’s words helps us to create the magical world in front of our naked eyes. He keeps us submerged in the story till it ends. The little poems at the start of every chapters adds more pleasure in reading the book. Utmost care is taken in designing every characters and also the places. The creative thinking of the author yields a great value as the story keeps us hooked up with it till the end. The book has twists and turns which makes the read interesting. Every events is portrayed well with much attention which makes us live in those places and experience the life of them.

The short story about the origin of the name of the city “Aitos”, holds good moral values with few life lessons to teach. The quote which inspired me is, There is no concept of more successful or less successful. Success itself is complete, satisfaction itself is absolute. The book explains a good lesson that no matter who you are, you want to pay for your every deeds. The story is mainly built upon the concrete of the story of Adam and Eve. The pendulums, raining letters all witnesses the creative power of the author.

My view on the book :

I almost entered into the world created by the author and submerged in the book till the end. But at times, I was confused with the names of the characters and later it was swiped away once the story engulfed me. The chapter which is close to my heart is the one in which Adam says his life events as a poem ( Chapter 17 ) . I re-read that poem numerous times. 

What if one day you find out that the world you are living in is just a play ground and the players from the other world are playing with your life and emotions but you can do nothing except being their puppet?

Find your answers in the mystery filled fanatasy book The orgin of Martin Krooger.

Good going Sameer Kumar sir. You have miles to reach and your unique thoughts will bring you success.

Ratings :

Cover page : 4 / 5

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Editing : 4.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :

Grab your copy at

Thanks for reading.

The above review is just what I felt by heart and your reviews might vary from mine.


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