Review of CONTROL – THE TREACHOROUS MOON by Tushar Janjalkar

Title : Control – The Treacherous Moon

Author : Tushar Janjalkar

Publishers : Omji Publishing house

Genre : Sci-fi Thriller

No. Of Pages : 225

Rate : Rs 175

Cover design : The bean bakers

Blurb :

They say your acts resemble the machinations of your thoughts. But the great question is: Are your thoughts, your feelings really yours? The financial capital of the world, New York, is terror-stricken. Death is crawling forth from the sewers, every full moon nights. On each occasion, an Indian is found involved and the diplomatic relations between the two countries are at breaking point. NYP detective John is continuously failing to track down the true perpetrators behind these incidents. The situation worsens when John’s case causes a threat to his love, Disha, a neurologist. Alongside, her security becomes his priority. When Disha learns that it’s not just her life at stake and her own past has united with the present in the cabal to ruin the future of many lives, she secretly sets out to uncover the mystery. Will Disha and John succeed in their journeys? Or will end up losing everything including their love? And above all, will the secret of moon ultimately be revealed?

Cover :

The colour combination of the cover page attracts you towards grabbing the book. Even the cover page reveals the hidden mystery in the story.
Review :

The story pleasantly starts with the marriage of George with his long time lover Salina. But the pleasantness doesn’t last long as George faces an untimely death. Every chapter opens up with new mysteries and the mysteries keeps us hooked up with the story till the end. The untimely accidents holds you up with the book and it also makes us to investigate the case along with the investigators John, Disha and Alex. Along with mind tricking mysteries, the book serves an equal proportion of romance and friendship. The author uses lucid language which keeps up the coherence of the book. He has developed a new plot of someone controlling our own thoughts and also the darker side of super moon which no one could have imagined. The puzzle which Disha tries to solve is also narrated well with pictures, leaving no room for doubts. The unfortunate accidents on every full moon injects shiver in our spine. The way Disha approaches and unfolds every mysteries recieves applause and also the author has portrayed each and every character with utmost care. The climax of the book is narrated well and unleashes every mysteries which pricked our mind. John and Disha makes a good couple and Alex sets an example for friendship. The twists and turns helps in moving the story and also makes the book an immediate page turner. The way the author has narrated about how the criminals managed to control the minds of the people who made accidents is mind blowing. The author has also sprayed the essence of every genre throughout the book. A recommendable book to all the thriller lovers.

My view on the book : 

What if your thoughts are being controlled by others even without your knowledge?

What if every people whom you trusted, beseeched you?

What if the relationship between two friendly countries turns into riot just because of a full moon?

How can a normal person kill their beloved one without any reason?

Who is the master mind behind all these conflicts?

Find your answers in the pages of this mystery filled book…

Suggestions :

The font size could have been better to comfort reading. The translations of the Hindi paragraphs could have been given in the consequent paragraphs as it is tedious for the readers who doesn’t know Hindi. But the continuous flow of mysteries in the book overcomes such issues.

A brilliant sci-fi crime thriller book from a debut author. The author have miles to reach.

Ratings :

Cover : 3.5 / 5

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Editing : 4.5 / 5

Overall rating : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :

Grab your copy at

The review is all about what I felt by heart and your views might differ from mine.

Thanks for reading…

Best wishes…


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