Review of PANORAMA by Shilpi Chaklanobis

Title : Panorama – A collection of short stories

Author : Shilpi Chaklanobis

Genre : Short story collection on relationships

No. Of pages : 134

Cost : Rs 150

Blurb :

Woven around the lives of the people around us – the shy girl on the metro, your domestic help, your neighbors and perhaps even you – this collection of short stories will take you on a bittersweet journey that explores the spectrum that is part of any human relationship and all the complexity and chaos that secretly dwell within the homes and hearts of India. 
Often laced with an element of introspection, the stories are sure to change the way you see the world around you…

About the book :

This book is a collection of 15 short stories which are penned down to teach the meaning of every relationship. 

Review :

Every stories are unique in its own way. The authors way of story telling attracts the readers and hooks us up with the book. Some stories brought out tears and some stories gave an indefinable relief to the struggling heart. The simple language used by the author comforts our reading and helps to finish the book in single go. The author has picturised every character and relationships with utmost care and that’s where the author earns her credit points. Boredom stood faraway from the book. The author has served the book with correct proportion of parental love, love of a child, brother love, trust, belief and etc which makes the book, a great success. 

The story which is still close to my heart is The Thirst. The way the author portrays the love of a daughter towards her mother even though she knows that her mom is ready to kill her, recieves huge applause as the climax page was drenched with my tears.

The next story is Bribe. It strongly speaks that no one can overtake the love of a mom. Though your dad takes care of your all needs, none can love you more than your mom. A strong message was passed through a sweet story. 

Third one is Mirage. It’s the story about a girl who continued to live her life with a misunderstanding that her mom was the only reason behind her dad’s departure, unmindful of the real side of the story. The plot is written upon how she handles the situation and starts loving her mom after realising the hard truth.

And the other stories were also very well woven to provide a complete book about the importance of every relationships. 

My view on the book :

This book can teach you the values of relationships in this virtual world. You might also find new definitions for certain relationships. This book is worth the time you spend.

Ratings :

Cover : 4 / 5

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Story : 4.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :

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Thanks for reading…

Best wishes…

The above review is just what I thought and felt by heart. Your thoughts may differ from mine.


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