Title : The First Trillionaire

Author : Sapna Jha 

Translated by : Alok Jha

No. Of pages : 296

Price : Rs 250

Publishers : The write place

Blurb :

Shail, an ordinary village girl joins a government bank where she gets exposed to the glitterati of the world. It is at this point that she starts nurturing her dreams of becoming a trillionaire. Her quest for success begins on social media where she meets Olivia who is a nonagenarian British multibillionaire. Olivia is facing succession problems in her vast empire; to add to her woes she is challenged by Kran an unconventional scientist who is a major shareholder in Olivia’s US business. Kran diverts Olivia’s US business funds into his futuristic endeavours and coerce Olivia to divert her Asian and European business funds to his company, ‘Near Earth Miners and Space Voyagers’. Back in India, Shail sternly refuses to conform to Bachcha Singh’s suspicious financial transaction in the bank branch the bank branch where Shail works. This subsequently leads to her eventual kidnapping. During this ordeal, Bachcha Singh, Bachcha Singh notes her captive’s high association with Olivia. Due to his perceived inability to handle the kidnapping, he transfers Shail to Musa Khan who is India’s most wanted fugitive. Kidnapped Shail is kept in wretched conditions for several days in a river island in Eastern India and thereafter transferred to the western coast for further transfer abroad; Shail’s condition deteriorates. High on optimism of her freedom, Shail firmly believes that hope heals.

Cover :

The cover page suits the title and the content of the book. The color combination and the currency notes in the cover attracts the readers to grab this book.

Review :

This book revolves around the life of a simple girl, Shailputri who wishes to become the first trillionaire of the world. Though her life was filled with ups and downs, her belief in God Durgadevi overlooks her struggles. She believes that nothing is impossible if she lays her trust on Maa Durgadevi. Meanwhile when she was assigned a job at East India bank, she becomes friend with a stranger Olivia who helps Shail in all her troubles and also looks after her with utmost care even from far away. A fine day, the untimely murder of an innocent man infront her eyes, changes her life. Bachchu Singh, the rogue of the north enters Shail’s life unfortunately. And her life changes upside down from that day. Then the two billionaires Olivia and Kran enters her life to lend their helping hand. 

The author has chosen an unique plot which makes her stands out of the crowd. This book contains all the flavors of love, emotions, hardships, parental care, crime, thriller and etc. This book is a very good page turner and the author has narrated very well by enacting the scenes infront of our naked eyes. The story has loads of characters but the author has portrayed each character with utmost care. The background of every character is depicted with their past story and so we can understand the plot more clearly. But the loads of characters perplex the readers and makes the reading bore at an end. Somewhere the author has related every characters with the protagonist Shailputri. The flashback of Vanashree, mother of Shail touches our heart as she struggles all through her life but also manages to provide a happy future for her daughter. Olivia Freeland, the angel of the book and everyone will crave for such angel in our future. Her past story gives us the courage that no matter what happens in our life, we should keep moving on. Bachchu Singh is an usual villain who has his own gang to overrule others. Kran, the brother of vanashree plays an important role in the mission to rescue shail. And the rescue mission headed by James is nothing less than an action movie as the scenes are brought infront of our eyes. The climax hooks us up with the book to know the end. The author uses lucid language to comfort our reading. Though the book justifies the title, it’s plot is far away from our view on the book. The book concludes that belief on God makes everything possible.

Ratings :

Cover : 4.5 / 5

Story : 3.5 / 5

Narration : 4 / 5

Overall ratings : 4 / 5

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The above review is just what I thought and felt by heart and your views might vary from mine.


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