Review of LOOPED by Munmun Singh Nagpal

Title : Looped

Author : Munmun Singh Nagpal

No. Of pages : 210

Genre : Sci-fi fiction

Price : RS 150

Publishers :

Blurb : 

Toby Sezoe, the newly appointed time traveler finds himself falling in love with a woman. The only problem is that the woman lived on the same spot centuries ago. Luckily enough, the woman can’t see him when he travels back in time to her because he is only present there as waveform, but he doesn’t know what the future (or past), has in store for him. Assisted by the man who built the time machine himself, for reasons unknown to any one person, will he be able to bridge this gap of time between the past and present? The tale of a true enthusiast, a hardcore romantic and a loyal fan. An uncanny description of the future. An enthralling epilogue, binding all the elements together and introducing the idea that we are all characters of the same play, puppets bound by the same thread. A fascinating turn of events, reinforcing the laws of time but defying the concept of time as a whole.

Cover page :

The cover page is made of effective combination of lovely colours. The black cat in the cover plays a vital role in the book. And the cover page could have been better as it lacks the sparks of attracting readers.

Review :

The story revolves around Toby Sezoe, a time traveller, who falls in love with a girl who was from the past. The plot is further built on how he overcomes this and wins over other issues. The author recieves an applause for choosing a unique genre with time travelling plot. Every character is narrated well with utmost care and the first person narration hooks us up with the story. The author has very well differentiated past and present life. The conversation between Toby and Lisa about the changes in future, makes us to think about how our future will be. This book is also a combination of romance and fantasy in equal proportions. The way the author bridged the gap between the present and past is an exceptional thought. The chapters of Egypt pyramid and the dolphins enact the scenes infront of our eyes. Since the story is fully fledged with technology and science, it perplexes the readers in the middle as the plot is difficult to grasp. The story  concludes that no matter how much the technology improves, a man is always bound to his emotions and feelings. The author uses lucid language and it helps to finish the book in a single go.

Ratings :

Cover : 3 / 5

Plot : 3.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 3.5 / 5

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The above review is just what I thought and felt by heart. Your views might vary from mine.


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