Review of @DREAMS by Jogi

Title : @Dreams

Author : Jogi

No. Of pages : 219

Publishers :

Price : RS 200/-

Blurb :

This book is a journey of three youngsters about finding ways to achieve their dreams in college. It’s a story of love, laughter, friendship, struggle, inspiration and lifelong learning. It unfolds the maze of life through learning therapy to transform life in the direction of dreams.

Cover :

No words, the cover is astonishing and it will make the readers to grab this book for sure.

Review :

First of all, I wish to thank Jogi sir for such inspiring book. These types of books are most wanted now-a-days to make us realise our purpose of living. The book is all about the life of an engineering student, Umang Saxena, a normal middle class man, who is striving with an aim to get into his dream  company and also to take care of his family financially. His friends Virat and Samar, plays an important role by celebrating his success and convincing in bad times. Umang’s brothers Swastik and Tarang, helps him throughout his life like mentors and everyone would love to have brothers like them. Pavithra, the love of Umang. His dilemma between choosing his love or to work for dreams is a regular confusion which every person undergoes in his student life and the way the author has handled the situation recieves an applause and it also serves as an example.


The book has summed up the normal days of every engineering student. The author has made us live the life of Umang through his first person narration. The use of simple but elegant words comfort our reading and maintains coherence throughout the book. The learning therapy of Umang will help us for sure and they are very inspiring which made me note down every theories. The author has equally handled every emotions of love, care, pain, death, dreams. The last chapters of interview maintains thrill in our spine. Though it is a book on college life, the author has made it unique by reflecting the real struggles and hurdles an ordinary man undergoes to reach his aim. I couldn’t find any negatives in this book may be because I was hooked up with the plot till the end. 

My look on the book :

Every person who are living towards a dream or who thought that they aren’t worth for their dream, this book is only for you. You will find a refreshment after reading this book. We cannot find entertainment and motivation in the same book. But this book is a good entertainer with an inspiring plot. Don’t miss this book. 

Favourite therapy :

Every learning therapy was motivating and inspiring. But some made its way into my heart directly from the book. 

1. When it seems that the goals cannot be reached, don’t assist the goals adjust the action steps.
2. Love will never ever stop you to achieve your dreams. Enjoy the journey of fulfilling your dreams with someone you love.

Ratings :

Title : 5 / 5

Cover : 4 / 5

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Writing : 4 / 5

Overall ratings : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :

Grab the copy of this amazing book @

Thanks for reading…

The above review is just what I thought and felt by heart, your thoughts might vary from mine.


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