Review of PONYTAIL-THE LOVE FOR REVENGE by Pradip Chauhan

Title : Ponytail – The love for revenge

Author : Pradip Chauhan

Genre : Romantic suspense

No. Of pages : 167

Price : Rs 199

Publishers : HRC publisher India

Blurb : 

Ponytail title and its relation with the story: The ponytail This is the story of a young successful businessman Prabuddh; who has lost his parents in his teenage because of foul play. He had determined to become the most powerful man and worked hard, he had feeling of revenge in his mind. Section 1: After completion of his education because of his hard work and intelligence he made name in business; while he fell in love of ‘Tapasya’, one of his employee. He partnered with another beautiful lady Kaumudi. Everything was going well but once a while Tapasya had doubt about the character of Prabuddh and committed suicide. Prabuddh could not bear her lose and passed through a anguished phase. However he comes back to business and then…  

Read the book further to explore what’s ahead in his life.
Review :

The book opens up with Prabuddh, a successful businessman of 27 years, remembering his past when his love Tapasya left him on finding a lipstick stain on his shirt. Then the story further explores his past where Prabuddh thinks about his encounter with Tapasya three years ago. And the author builds up the plot on how they fell in love with each other inspite of Prabuddh’s life goals. Meanwhile Kaumudi enters their life as a business partner of Prabuddh. Soon Prabuddh succeeds in his business life and also promises to marry Tapasya. But their happiness didn’t last long when tapasya committed suicide due to a misunderstanding. Owing to her death, the famous successful businessman locks up himself and avoids his business too. Later when he finds that her death was filled with mystery, he gets back into his shoes and starts working harder than before. Then Amita and kaumudi again enters his life and amidst the two he unleashes his real face – the twist which shocks everyone.

The book is very well written with unexpected twists which hooks us up with the story. The title justifies the book and the author uses simple and elegant language to convey his thoughts. The first person narration makes us travel with the book. The grandmother’s words about dresses and gender serves as an awareness. Also his father’s words that only love can achieve everything and not revenge is a much needed social message because everyone values their revenge spirit more than love. The proved our guess wrong when he revealed the real motive behind the death of Tapasya and that’s where the author proved his success by maintaining the suspense. 

Suggestion :

The author could have added more emotions to the death of Tapasya and also the accident at the end was a bit dramatic. But the author proved his success in every twists he laid. Also the last paragraph of the book brought smile to my face as the author concluded it very well. I own ponytail now.

Ratings :

Cover : 3 / 5

Plot : 4 / 5

Story : 4 / 5

Narration : 4.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4 / 5

Amazon link :

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Thanks for reading…

The above review is just what I thought by heart and your views may vary from mine.


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