Review of THE HIGHWAY MAN by J.Alchem

Title : The Highway Man

Author : J.Alchem

Blurb :

The whole world is upside down. People are walking in the sky with the ground moving above their heads. And the reason is simple; a bestselling author is in love. But why the whole world is inverted? What’s so special about this love? Or worse?

A man throws his masculine brain and heart aside and fixes a feminine one there. And the reason is simple; he wants to live the life of his lover, for 24 hours. But why does he want to do that? What’s the need?

A man, neatly dressed in a suit, is playing with his bowler hat, on a highway at dawn. And the reason is simple; he needs a lift. But why does he need a lift? What’s his purpose?

Review :

This book is a combination of three soul stirring short stories. Even the preface has a cute story to tell. 

The first story is Catherine. In this story, the author narrates how a best selling author gets obsessed with his own fictional characters so that he starts living with them and also love them. The characters were very well portrayed and the climax was just unimaginable. It left a thought that can love be this obsess?

The next one is Sidzy; for a day. Can a man go to this extent to make his girl happy? Yes. Indeed. Jihan sets an example by making a memorable day for Sidzy and tries to live her day to make it memorable. And yes, I’m jealous of Sidzy for owning a man like jihan. And this story can make anyone fall for a man like Jihan and I’m no exception.

The last one is The Highway Man. This story is about the life of a little boy Ayaan and his father. After the death of Ayaan’s mom, they both live a life similar to hell. And unexpectedly, a stranger Jihan enters their life to make their life blossom again. Who is Jihan? Why should he do that? Read the book to find your answers.

My view :

I enjoyed reading the whole book and every stories imbibed my soul with multiple emotions. The author has penned down every story with utmost care and yes, his baby is so sweet and charming. The Highway Man story occupied a tight place in my heart and it almost brought tears. Even the dedication and acknowledgement is enough to prove the author’s success as he has shown his gratitude to everyone in his life. Each and every character has occupied its special place in my heart and I fell hard in love with Jihan and Sidzy. The author has summed up the whole emotions and feelings of life in three short stories. The quotes adorning every stories has added special beauty to the stories. And at the end of the book, I assure that all the readers will feel a sense of refreshment and relief. I completed the whole book in less than an hour and that reveals how much passion I had towards those stories and characters. Thanks for this wonderful short stories and the characters as they became a part of my life now. The cover of the book matches well with the book. Still I couldn’t find why the author decided to name the book with the title of the third story. But your babies never disappoint me.

A wonderful book which should never be missed. Grab it today and don’t regret later for missing it.

Ratings :

Cover : 4.5 / 5 

Story : (It deserves 5 / 5 )

Narration : 4.5 / 5

Blurb : 4 / 5

Overall rating : 4.5 / 5

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