Review of DeAttached (Shades of time) by Ram Joshi

Title : DeAttached 

Author : Ram Joshi

No. Of pages : 209

Price : Rs 245/-

Publishers :

Blurb :

“”Not everyone is meant to walk together, but true love always leads to the path of freedom and timeless bliss.” 

Olivia, a traveler blog writer, left shaken when she returned back from her Europe trip. 

Olivia’s mother, Meera claimed she lied all these years about the death of Olivia’s father, Rahil. 

Dazed with all the new information Meera revealed, Olivia failed to distinguish if it was true or just an illusion of Meera’s ill mind – as doctors indicated the possibility that a person with Alzheimer’s might have hallucinations. 

To find out the truth was as crucial for Olivia as for Meera’s treatment. 

DeAttached – Two tales at the same point in time unfolds the story of a woman who failed in her relations, happiness in marriage that last long, eternal freedom of a man who never did fly out of his cage, and a journey to live a life of purpose.”

Review :

The book opens up with the doctors diagnosing Meera as she was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Doctor also informs Olivia, Meera’s daughter, that owing to the disease, her mom can start hallucinating stories and also she might bring back the death persons to her imagination. When Meera and Olivia reach their home, Meera starts revealing the truth which she has hidden from Olivia these much years. She says that Olivia’s father isn’t dead but he is alive somewhere. And the story moves to 2016 where the life of Meera and Rahil opens up. But Olivia couldn’t believe the story of Meera since she thought that this story was just an imagination of Meera due to her illness. But she realises that the the story was real when she was exposed to the diary of her dad, Rahil. And then the book further moves on whether Olivia found her dad? Why his identity was hidden from Olivia? Had Meera and Rahil bonded again?

This book is an interesting read with some moral values to learn. The author has very well lined up the story and also connected the parallel lives at the end. The simple words and the elegant narration comforts our reading. Also the story narrated by Meera was interesting and hooked the readers with the book but the part of Rahil lacked the interest since it involved some philosophical and social values in large amount. Also this book is a great refresher since it makes the readers to live the life of the protagonist. Also the conclusion was well knitted and holds a strong message that love can change anyone’s heart no matter who he is and also hope never leads to failure. This interesting book can be finished up within a day.

My view :

The cover page of the book matches very well with the story. Also the title justifies the story. Rahil’s diary should have been more lively than just holding philosophy by the old man. Also the concept of holding a diary to note down the people who helped us is a useful idea (I’m gonna start following this. Thanks author)

Verdict : Wonderful book which makes us to love ourself. Also it teaches some necessary moral values.

Ratings :

Cover : 3.5 / 5

Story : 4 / 5

Narration : 4.5 / 5

Editing and presentation : 4 / 5

Overall rating : 4 / 5

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Thanks for reading…

The above review is just what I thought and felt by heart, your views might vary from mine.


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