Review of The Karachi Deception by Shatrujeet Nath

Title : The Karachi Deception

Author : Shatrujeet Nath

Genre : Thriller

No. Of pages : 234

Price : Rs 295 (buy it for Rs 207 from Amazon)

Publishers : Rupa Publications

Blurb :

Three commandos of the Indian Army s elite Unit Kilo Major Imtiaz Ahmed, Captain Shamsheer Suleiman and Lieutenant Rafiq Mehmood are chosen for a one-of-a-kind ops mission: to enter Pakistan and eliminate dreaded underworld don, Irshad Dilawar. However, somehow, the Inter-Services Intelligence and Dilawar always seem to be one step ahead of them, foiling every plan they make. It doesn t take long for Major Imtiaz to realize that something is amiss the operation has been compromised. Will he be able to successfully complete his mission, or are he and his men, like Abhimanyu, entering a trap they cannot make their way out of? Set in the world of covert operations, where double-crossing and diabolical mind games are the norm, The Karachi Deception will keep you hooked till the very end.

Review : 

This book is all about a mission Unit Kilo planned by the Intelligence bureau and the RAW officers to capture the most wanted underworld don, Irshad Dalwar concealing at Pakistan.

The blurb is more than enough to provide clues on what’s hidden in the book. This is one of the finest thriller books which I have ever read. I had some difficulties when I started this book as it had many characters which seemed similar until I started gripping to the storyline. Then the story geared up with action plots which made me to read it profoundly with much eagerness. A gripping plot with loads of twists and turns makes the book, an immediate page turner. The book travels around many cities and introduces many characters yet every part of the book was very well knitted and also connected with each other at the end which maintains the coherence of the book. Also the author maintains a realistic touch throughout the book. Every scenes are described with utmost care and it showcases the hard work of the author towards making his debut book, a full packed thriller. Some of the sentences which were in Hindi can be assisted with English subtitles to make it an easy read for everyone. Apart from this, its an awesome thriller work which every thriller lovers should read. Also the cover page adds more essence to the book.

Verdict : This book is highly recommended for all the thriller readers and it’s worth the money you spend. Go for it to take part in the action journey.

Rating :

Cover : 4 / 5

Blurb : 4.5 / 5

Story : 4 / 5

Narration : 4 / 5

Editing and Presentation : 4 / 5 (Fonts could have been bigger than the present one)

Overall rating : 4 / 5

Amazon link : 

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