Review of KARMA- world’s first insta read by Kevin Missal

Title : Karma

Author : Kevin Missal

No. Of pages : 85

Price : Rs. 75/-

Publishers : Kalamos Literary Services

Blurb :

KARMA IS WORLD’s FIRST INSTAREAD Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house. But there are two problems. One, she Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house. But there are two problems. One, she had died eight years back. Second, she is not human anymore. Can he love her again?

Review :

The book opens up with an event where three friends tries to dispose the body of a woman who they raped and murdered hours ago. Further the book takes a leap of eight years and describes the life of Karman Malik, a lonely writer whose wife has died years ago. But on an unpleasant day, his wife returns back from the grave as a man eating monster. Later the book reveals the reasons of why she returned back? What was her expectations? Has she succeeded in achieving them? etc… 

Karma – world’s first instaread, an interesting read to finish it off within 30 minutes. The author has plotted the story well and also makes the book interesting with some twists and turns. The book also has some flaws like the unwanted neighbour character, the predictable end but the gripping storyline hooks us up with the book till the end. The language and words were simple and the author has very well connected the present and past without leaving any rooms for doubts. The cover page is alluring and also fills the readers with horror, hence it is easily grabbed by any thriller lovers. The title also justifies the story and the blurb is catchy enough to attract readers. Also the book deals with some social issues like robbery, politics in law etc going on in this present world.

Verdict : An enjoyable read on horror.

Ratings :

Cover : 4.5 / 5

Title : 4 / 5

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Characters : 4 / 5

Presentation : 4.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :

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