Interview with Nikhil Mahajan

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And here, I come up with the interview of Nikhil Mahajan – author of the national bestsellers My love never faked and White Smoke.

I wish to show my immense gratitude to Modern Breeze and Arpan Ghosh sir for availing me this chance and also to Nikhil Mahajan sir for taking out some time from his busy schedule to answer the questions.

About Nikhil Mahajan :

Nikhil Mahajan is a physiotherapist turned author who has written two national bestsellers titled “My Love never faked” and “As long As I Love you” which were released in the year 2010 and 2011 respectively, and in Year 2012, he co – authored a novel titled “A Little Love Incident” with Aakyaa Pandey. In the year 2013, he explored the new art of writing i.e. adult comedy in the Indian literary titled “Oh Yes! All Men are Dogs.” Which remains in the news throughout that year because of its witty content.  

Mr. Mahajan’s prolifically writes about the urban societies with civilized protagonists, and he inculcates the modernization in the Indian culture. Most of his work remains quixotic and fictitious which appeals most of the youth throughout  the country. Mr. Mahajan hails from Udhampur, a small place in Jammu and Kashmir and had his schooling from APS, Udhampur. He has done his Physiotherapy from JCOP, Jammu and then pursued PG – Ortho in Physiotherapy from MMU, Ambala. Currently he is working in NCD Scheme, as a physiotherapist for a government hospital. To elucidate Nikhil Mahajan, he is very ambitious person, an absurd lover and an insomniac writer. Mr. Mahajan prefers writing in simple language not to complicate readers making efforts with the dictionary.

About White Smoke:

White Smoke is a suspense thriller, and is set in a boarding school of Shimla where Virat, the protagonist, is trying to fight the pain of his mother’s death and his father’s ignorance. That’s when he finds a girl’s picture in a library book. In trying to find the truth behind the girl, he stumbles upon dirty secrets and a scandal that shocks him. The story is about his investigation to unravel the mystery. 

What’s the special cream you have brewed in your recent book “White Smoke” which will attract readers?

White Smoke is a complete package of love, betrayal, revenge, mystery and friendship. Once you start reading it, you will be hooked to it. It will not disappoint you. The uniqueness of the plot comes in the end with the call from Mahi who is projected to be dead in the book which is yet to unveil.  

How and when did the thought of writing sparked in you??

Everyone who wants to be a writer imagines the day they’ll hold their finished book in their hand. And for me, there was a literary aspiration buried deep inside me. But then I had a break-up which broke me for two years. A part of me then started believing that it will never happen. But then something good happened that the story of my life came as my first book. 

What are the hardships you underwent during the publishing process before landing up with  a suitable publisher??

Getting oneself published is as tough as writing a manuscript. Once you’re done with it, then your gates to a new world are opened. Sometimes publishers don’t really see eye to eye with a writer’s story and reject it; sometimes things settle in one go itself. 

Something like that happened with me too. The first phase of my journey was not very smooth. I was rejected a lot of times, by five or six publishers. And few of them said it wasn’t a novel, but rather my autobiography. But then, Jayanta Kumar Bose from Srishti Publishers trusted my work and my first book went on to become a bestseller soon after its release. And I still receives a lot of emails from readers on that book. 

How many hours a day you dedicate for writing?

I mostly write in my free time on my laptop from my home. I have a normal busy life. I do not write every day. I do not write with deadlines or compulsions. I only write when I feel like writing. I write on my computer, then keep on rewriting till I find it suitable and good enough to be read.

How you felt when you received the first paperback copy of your first book?

I always feel good each time you hold your book in your hand but the feeling for the first book was different and no other thing could replace that feeling. It was priceless.

Have you ever felt boring in the middle of writing a book?? If yes, how you overcame that??

Many a times, this is the only thing you experience when you keep on repeatedly read your book like twice in a week for more than six months to eliminate even bit of tiny error. It’s a boring process sometimes, but after all in the end of the day it adds quality to your book. Writing is a very exhaustive process. 

How far is the support of your parents and acquaintances supplemented your writing career when you announced them about the idea of publishing a book?

Truly speaking, not at all. The single most important thing about my formation as a writer is that I come from a non-reading family. But then, when I came up with my first book and people started recognizing me, my parents came to know that writing can also be another aspect of me.

Any memorable encounters with the readers of your books??

This has happened with me more than once and I have talked it before in my previous Interviews too. I was at my university with my second book and I saw a reader holding my book and he was talking to his friend about it, how he liked the book and wants to meet me. And another time, when I was travelling in the Delhi Metro, I saw a girl reading my second book. I must have been staring at the book unknowingly, but she just noticed my eyed glued towards her, and gave me a very weird look. She must have been thinking why I was staring at her like that, when I was really looking at my book in her hands. This was really a very sweet experience.

Where you see yourself in this literary field after a decade??

I will be writing more serious stuff in my upcoming work. This is where I see myself after a decade shifting from commercial to some serious writing. I want to write something for the society and its evils.

Tell us something about your hobbies and any type of other activities that you love to do apart from writing?
Apart from writing I like listening to good music, I love to travel to different places and meet different people; and I am very fond of cooking.

Share some notes on your upcoming project.

There is one finished book which I am holding right now which is about the journey of every woman who faces every type of decimation in the household to the offices, and overcomes it bravely. And my story is about three ambitious girls who face the evils which are faced by women every day in the society. This story narrates how these three girls together overcome the pain and struggle, to make a mark for themselves, in the end emerging victorious.

Any advice for the budding writers to deliver a successful book and also to market them.

Writing is a tough job, and it’s tougher to be published traditionally. Don’t let rejection destroy you. Let rejection empower you. Keep writing, no matter what. Just stay focused. Market it where it impact the most.

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Thanks author. We wish you a great luck for your upcoming projects.

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