Review of “It’s my Love Story” by Ajitabha Bose

Plot :

The book opens up with Adithya, meeting a stranger on his way back home. But he didn’t take much time o realise that she wasn’t a stranger. Further, the story travels back some years when Adithya was admitted in IMC – Delhi to pursue his dream of film making. He along with his 5 friends, Imran, Vinay, Janvi, Sushant and Smita participate in a film festival and earns an unexpected fame through their short film – Dreams. Meanwhile, Aditya falls in love with Janvi and she too soon reciprocates his love. When Aditya was gradually climbing up the stairs in both his personal and professional life, an untimely incident shooks his life completely which renders him hopeless.

Further, the story moves on with the answers for who was the stranger? What was the shock which shook him up? Was Adithya successful inspite of all the hurdles in his life.

Review :

The language is lucid and it’s easily readable. The vocabulary is good which helps to maintain coherence throughout the book. The title is appealing and the blurb gives an insight on what’s the book is all about. The book emphasise on the fact that “No matter what happens, never give up on your dreams”, and the author has very well delivered this plot. The book cover shows the reverence of the author towards his mentor but to the neutral readers the cover fails to satisfy the expectation.

I disliked two factors throughout the book.

1. Since the book is in first person narration, most of the chapters were almost like diary entries without any discussions.

2. Sex is overrated. How can a boy always think only about sex whenever he talks or think about his love and even the girl didn’t object it and plays along with him. It really irked me. And how can he be able to give up his career for a girl? 

The book is an easy read but some chapters were exaggerated and literally I was waiting when I would reach the twist of the book. It also has some minute editing and punctuational errors which doesn’t bother much.

Overall, a smooth romantic fiction story with some expected twists.

Ratings :

Cover : 3.5 / 5

Title and blurb : 4 / 5

Narration : 3 / 5

Plot : 4 / 5

Editing : 4 / 5

Overall : 3.75 / 5

Amazon link :


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