Review of “Till the End of Forever” by Vivaksh Singh

I had high expectations on the book and it proved that it’s more than what I expected.

 Story Plot : 

Ayaan Anandh, with a tormented childhood, finds happiness in everything around him. To him, even breath is just an illusion. 

Avani, an orphan, has nothing in her life to be happy about. She is still in the quest to stick back her broken pieces.

When Avani reached Jagah with her friend Luvleen, she had no idea that her world would no more be the same. Ayaan and Avani thought that both of their shattered pieces would stick together but little did they know that it would shatter the already broken pieces more, leaving no way to fix together. When Ayaan was held responsible for his friend’s murder, they had no other choice than to run away from Jagah, unaware that their run would never end even after landing at Venice, Italy. Further, the book is built up on if they both ever found a way out of this camouflage. What exactly happened to Ayaan’s friend?? Why they are running away from everything and also each other?? Is happiness only the symptom of upcoming trauma in their life?

If running for a solution lands you up in more trouble which would even cease your life, what would you do?? Read the book to know about those breath taking problems and if Avani and Ayaan were able to resolve it together or they gave up to the flow of Fate. 

Review :

The author deserves applause for such an amazing flawless story. He has weaved the story so well that I couldn’t contain the excitement at the last few pages. The twists and turns will undoubtedly hook up the reader with the book throughout the read. The characters are portrayed with utmost perfection which connects emotionally with the readers. The book is a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions of pain, happiness, love, betrayal, haunting past, uncertain future etc. The story is narrated in four places Jagah, Sheher, Venice, Ilaka. 

The language is lucid and the easy words made it a comfortable read. (It also helped me to add some words to my vocabulary). The book also has thoughtful chapters and aesthetic quotes which would make you question about the world around you. (At times, I closed the book and thought again and again about what I read).  The concept of life, parallel worlds, the history of atheism, definition of happiness – gives a new dimension to what we already know about them. It made us think wide. Also the whole book was summarised in the last few pages, leaving no doubts unresolved and that’s where the author proved his ability of weaving an engrossing tale. More importantly, the book is weaved around “pain” and how it influences everyone’s life.

The story was enticing even from the start, but it geared up more in the second part. It gives the readers, new hope about life. The painful childhood, unbearable loss of a father, shattering relationship, broken happiness – the author has succeeded in scripting all those emotions into words. The book has some editing errors and punctuational errors but the enticing plot covered it up.

The cover page is eye catchy and alluring. The title and blurb gives an insight on  what’s hidden in the book. 

Ratings :

Cover : 5 / 5

Title and Blurb : 4.5 / 5

Plot : 5 / 5

Narration : 4.5  / 5

Editing : 4 / 5

Overall rating : 4.5 / 5

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