Review of “Crime Beyond 22 Yards” by Sourabh Mukherjee

Review :

The book highlights the “betting” and “match fixing” crimes and conflicts which took place in the early 90’s and are still under mystery.

When the South African skipper Hansie Cronje was accused for match fixing in 2000, no one would have expected that the dark phase beyond 22 yards is going to unveil soon. Cronje, further gives a detailed note about all the bookies involved, the other players who agreed for betting which also comprised of the then Indian skipper Muhammad Azharuddin. Finally, the book winds up with the death of Pakisthani coach Bob Woolmer, whose suspicious untimely death after the loss of Pakistan in World cup 2007 is still clueless.

 The book is written in such a way that everyone will find connectivity with the book (You don’t need to be a cricket fanatic). The book also gives a detailed explanation of the difference between “betting” and “match fixing” which helps to maintain coherence throughout the book. The fast paced narration helps the readers to hook up with the book till the end and the lucid language with easy words make it a comfortable read. The authentic details portrays the efforts of the author to bring out an effluent crime thriller book.

The book is comprised of 16 chapters and each chapter is pint sized which makes it an easy read. The book also has some editing and typo errors but it didn’t hold back the fast paced story.

The cover gives out the detailed summary of what’s the book is all about. The batsman, bundles of money and the background of a ganster- what could be better than this for a cricket thriller?? The title and the blurb gives a deep insight to the story underneath. 

Overall, the book is an amazing portrayal of the crime beyond 22 yards. This is highly recommended to everyone who is inquisitive about the dark phase of cricket.

Ratings :

Cover : 5 / 5

Title : 4.5 / 5

Blurb : 4 / 5

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Editing : 4 / 5

Overall rating : 4.5 / 5

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