Review of RAINS OFF A SMOKY SKY by Dr.Pritam Mandal

Title : Rains Off a Smoky Sky

Author : Dr. Pritam Mandal

Length : 274 pages

Price : Rs.300

Publishers : Notion Press

Format : Paperback, Kindle edition

Blurb :

Do you want to work, walk, relax, breathe, smile and cherish your wonderful life under a clear bright blue sky?..Then, under the smoky sky, say a little prayer for the rains of love to wash away the smoke… 

Strap yourself for an emotional roller coaster ride as you experience Anurita’s world through the pages of her diary. Laugh with Anurita, wipe away her tears, revel in her wisdom and be a part of her life’s conversations. 

A bold and daring young woman from a little village in India, Anurita chooses to tread the untrodden path, against the dictates of a judgmental society. But she is determined to seek the true meaning of her life at any cost. As she follows her heart all the way to the city and beyond, she is met with turbulences of all kinds. A stunningly handsome middle-aged man stirs in her feelings of love and passion; but her romantic fantasy meets with an abrupt end. And then, in a faraway country, she loses her friends to an unexpected tragedy. 

Just when everything seems to be going awry and she is about to give up on humanity, it rains. As rains from the smoky sky fall on the Earth, Anurita discovers fireflies in the darkness, dancing on the rain-bathed petals of lovely carnations, the flowers of god.

Review :

This book is all about the life of a simple girl called Anurita, who hailed from a small village and later succeeded living her life in the way she dreamt. This book is an inspirational package which motivates the young girls to strive hard for their dreams and not to settle for what the society offers you. The first person narration helps you to travel along with the protagonist Anurita, throughout the book. Apart from being a fictional book based on a diary, the story is more close to reality speaking the issues of terrorism, environmental pollution, child molestation etc. The author has used simple words and had very well plotted the story to make it an interesting read. The whole book was divided into 40 simple chapters dealing with the day to day life of Anurita. Also this book makes you follow the habit of writing a diary. The author has set a role model to all the youngsters with the characterisation of Anurita insisting everyone to work for their dreams. The language is simple but the author could have minimised the use of the word “sir” in every possible lines. The title goes well with the book but the cover could have been more attractive.

Verdict : 

This book is highly recommended to all the youngsters who are striving hard towards their aim.

Favourite quote :

An eye for an eye will make this world a blind place.

Ratings :

Cover : 4 / 5

Title : 4.5 / 5

Blurb : 4.5 / 5

Language : 3.5 / 5

Storyline : 4 / 5

Editing : 4 / 5

Overall rating : 4 / 5

Amazon link :

Grab your copy at http://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/194643647X/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8#immersive-view_1496335427170
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Review of MESSED UP! BUT ALL FOR LOVE by Arvind Prashar

Title : Messed Up! But All for Love

Author : Arvind Prashar

Length : 156 pages

Price : Rs. 175/- (Grab it for Rs. 97 from Amazon)

Genre : Romantic thriller

Publishers : Srishti Publishers

Blurb : 

Neil is a senior executive working with a leading brand name and his wife Gauri is a dentist running her own clinic. They are a loving and doting young married couple, living a life of comfort in posh suburban Gurgaon. Neil’s fitness consultant Srinya seems to be stirring some trouble in their lives, though.

Drishti is a TV news anchor and journalist and her husband Somesh, a top cop. They are bored of their mundane busy lives, until a chance meeting with Neil and his friends in Cuba that changes everything.

To add sanity and madness to their lives are the funny and mysterious set of friends – Tom, Jerry, James, Mehr and Antriksha.

The havoc ensues when Drishti gets abducted and Neil is framed for it. Gauri finds out some bitter truths and leaves Neil. But what really is the truth?

When facts finally surface, we will know how much these lives are Messed Up! But All for Love.

About the book :

This book is all about the roller coaster ride of Neil and Gauri’s married life. In the happy course of marriage life, Neil realises that he has gained some weight than usual. And so he plans to attend yoga class with Srinya, keeping Gauri in dark about this new schedule. Soon Gauri and Neil plans to go on a vacation to Havana, Cuba along with their buddies, Tom, Jerry, James and Mehr. Also Srinya happens to be there unfortunately. And the book takes a turn when they all get into a fight with Somesh (a senior cop) and his wife Drishti. Later, Neil and Gauri parts way due to a misunderstanding caused by Drishti. Also they find something fishy about the background of their seperation. And the further moves on revealing the mysteries which led the relationship of Neil- Gauri and Somesh-Drishti to an abrupt end.

Review : 

Messed up! All for love is a romantic thriller book spiced up with the emotions of friendship, mysteries, revenge, heartbreak etc. Though the book seems a regular romantic read at the start, the third part of the book hooks us with the story with the amazing thriller plot. The twists and turns of the story, almost left me with an unexpected shock and I was left with an Oh My God! expression. The elegant words and the first person narration helps the readers to maintain coherence with the fast paced story along with the short humors. The beautiful song lyrics refreshes us for a while. The book was very well plotted with engaging storyline and also leaves us with a suspense at the end to wait for the next book of the series. The title and the cover can make anyone grab this book and also they matches very well with the plot of the book. The blurb also creates enough hype about the book.

Waiting for the next book in the series.

Verdict :

This book is highly recommended for romance lovers since the book is beautified with a mystery plot.

Ratings :

Cover : 5 / 5

Blurb : 4.5 / 5

Title justification : 5 / 5

Story : 4 / 5

Narration : 4 / 5

Editing : 4.5 / 5

Overall rating : 4 / 5

Amazon link :

Grab the copy of this book @ http://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/9382665943/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496238968&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX118_SY170_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=messed+up+but+all

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Review of PONYTAIL-THE LOVE FOR REVENGE by Pradip Chauhan

Title : Ponytail – The love for revenge

Author : Pradip Chauhan

Genre : Romantic suspense

No. Of pages : 167

Price : Rs 199

Publishers : HRC publisher India

Blurb : 

Ponytail title and its relation with the story: The ponytail This is the story of a young successful businessman Prabuddh; who has lost his parents in his teenage because of foul play. He had determined to become the most powerful man and worked hard, he had feeling of revenge in his mind. Section 1: After completion of his education because of his hard work and intelligence he made name in business; while he fell in love of ‘Tapasya’, one of his employee. He partnered with another beautiful lady Kaumudi. Everything was going well but once a while Tapasya had doubt about the character of Prabuddh and committed suicide. Prabuddh could not bear her lose and passed through a anguished phase. However he comes back to business and then…  

Read the book further to explore what’s ahead in his life.
Review :

The book opens up with Prabuddh, a successful businessman of 27 years, remembering his past when his love Tapasya left him on finding a lipstick stain on his shirt. Then the story further explores his past where Prabuddh thinks about his encounter with Tapasya three years ago. And the author builds up the plot on how they fell in love with each other inspite of Prabuddh’s life goals. Meanwhile Kaumudi enters their life as a business partner of Prabuddh. Soon Prabuddh succeeds in his business life and also promises to marry Tapasya. But their happiness didn’t last long when tapasya committed suicide due to a misunderstanding. Owing to her death, the famous successful businessman locks up himself and avoids his business too. Later when he finds that her death was filled with mystery, he gets back into his shoes and starts working harder than before. Then Amita and kaumudi again enters his life and amidst the two he unleashes his real face – the twist which shocks everyone.

The book is very well written with unexpected twists which hooks us up with the story. The title justifies the book and the author uses simple and elegant language to convey his thoughts. The first person narration makes us travel with the book. The grandmother’s words about dresses and gender serves as an awareness. Also his father’s words that only love can achieve everything and not revenge is a much needed social message because everyone values their revenge spirit more than love. The proved our guess wrong when he revealed the real motive behind the death of Tapasya and that’s where the author proved his success by maintaining the suspense. 

Suggestion :

The author could have added more emotions to the death of Tapasya and also the accident at the end was a bit dramatic. But the author proved his success in every twists he laid. Also the last paragraph of the book brought smile to my face as the author concluded it very well. I own ponytail now.

Ratings :

Cover : 3 / 5

Plot : 4 / 5

Story : 4 / 5

Narration : 4.5 / 5

Overall ratings : 4 / 5

Amazon link :

Grab your copy at Rs.79/- @ http://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/1532751591/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493355989&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=ponytail

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The above review is just what I thought by heart and your views may vary from mine.


Review of CONTROL – THE TREACHOROUS MOON by Tushar Janjalkar

Title : Control – The Treacherous Moon

Author : Tushar Janjalkar

Publishers : Omji Publishing house

Genre : Sci-fi Thriller

No. Of Pages : 225

Rate : Rs 175

Cover design : The bean bakers

Blurb :

They say your acts resemble the machinations of your thoughts. But the great question is: Are your thoughts, your feelings really yours? The financial capital of the world, New York, is terror-stricken. Death is crawling forth from the sewers, every full moon nights. On each occasion, an Indian is found involved and the diplomatic relations between the two countries are at breaking point. NYP detective John is continuously failing to track down the true perpetrators behind these incidents. The situation worsens when John’s case causes a threat to his love, Disha, a neurologist. Alongside, her security becomes his priority. When Disha learns that it’s not just her life at stake and her own past has united with the present in the cabal to ruin the future of many lives, she secretly sets out to uncover the mystery. Will Disha and John succeed in their journeys? Or will end up losing everything including their love? And above all, will the secret of moon ultimately be revealed?

Cover :

The colour combination of the cover page attracts you towards grabbing the book. Even the cover page reveals the hidden mystery in the story.
Review :

The story pleasantly starts with the marriage of George with his long time lover Salina. But the pleasantness doesn’t last long as George faces an untimely death. Every chapter opens up with new mysteries and the mysteries keeps us hooked up with the story till the end. The untimely accidents holds you up with the book and it also makes us to investigate the case along with the investigators John, Disha and Alex. Along with mind tricking mysteries, the book serves an equal proportion of romance and friendship. The author uses lucid language which keeps up the coherence of the book. He has developed a new plot of someone controlling our own thoughts and also the darker side of super moon which no one could have imagined. The puzzle which Disha tries to solve is also narrated well with pictures, leaving no room for doubts. The unfortunate accidents on every full moon injects shiver in our spine. The way Disha approaches and unfolds every mysteries recieves applause and also the author has portrayed each and every character with utmost care. The climax of the book is narrated well and unleashes every mysteries which pricked our mind. John and Disha makes a good couple and Alex sets an example for friendship. The twists and turns helps in moving the story and also makes the book an immediate page turner. The way the author has narrated about how the criminals managed to control the minds of the people who made accidents is mind blowing. The author has also sprayed the essence of every genre throughout the book. A recommendable book to all the thriller lovers.

My view on the book : 

What if your thoughts are being controlled by others even without your knowledge?

What if every people whom you trusted, beseeched you?

What if the relationship between two friendly countries turns into riot just because of a full moon?

How can a normal person kill their beloved one without any reason?

Who is the master mind behind all these conflicts?

Find your answers in the pages of this mystery filled book…

Suggestions :

The font size could have been better to comfort reading. The translations of the Hindi paragraphs could have been given in the consequent paragraphs as it is tedious for the readers who doesn’t know Hindi. But the continuous flow of mysteries in the book overcomes such issues.

A brilliant sci-fi crime thriller book from a debut author. The author have miles to reach.

Ratings :

Cover : 3.5 / 5

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Editing : 4.5 / 5

Overall rating : 4.5 / 5

Amazon link :

Grab your copy at http://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/9384028177/ref=mp_s_a_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488307649&sr=8-1-spell&pi=AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=control+the+treachorous+moon#

The review is all about what I felt by heart and your views might differ from mine.

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Does yours beat?

I’m tearing inside.
Don’t you get any clue of that? 

I’m afraid that you may replace me with someone else. But I wish to bring to your kind regard that you are non replaceable and I’m also non repairable, in addition this pain is unbearable.

 Come for my rescue, please. 

Don’t you feel that?

I’m waiting for you to fill the void you left in me. But I’m helpless in putting my thoughts into words. My every actions speak my unspoken words and clearly like a sinking ship, I need your hands to survive. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

I’m bleeding inside. 
Will you come to sooth me? 

One second I think I’m over you and the next second I crave and cry for you. I’m not me anymore. I usually detest the people who hurt me. But I’m still waiting for you with wide open hearts and hands to plaster the wounds you created in my heart. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

I’m withering inside. 
Can’t you help me?

I’m facing you each day and I shake hands with you. It doesn’t mean that I have moved on. It portrays that I have mastered the art of acting normal behind the deep hidden bruises. I’m looking deep into your eyes just with a hope that you are missing me too. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

I’m weeping inside. 

Can’t you pacify me? 

I’m still struck to a gleam of hope that you’ll miss me in return. I am zealous and equipped to welcome you again into my life if and only if you return with medicines for my pain and plasters for my bruises. 

Come for my rescue, please. 

                                Yours loving,

             The heart beating for your arrival.


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