8 points only windows user can understand

Smart phones has become essential for living in this 21st century. From kids to the oldies, mobile had caught everyone in its hold. Now-a-days, most of the smart phone users prefer android operating system over windows. Though windows software has many advantages, it’s disadvantages over look them and makes way for android software. The following are some of the demerits of windows software.

8 points only windows users will understand:

1. Every android user enjoys the possibility of sharing apps with the other android users. On contrary, windows mobile users always want to risk their own mobile data to install new apps to their mobile.

2. Though they want to risk their own data, there is no assurance that all desired apps will be available in the windows store. Also, only the high rated apps can be installed from the store.

3. Even to install apps from windows store, the user should possess outlook or hotmail account, where Google and Yahoo accounts are futile.

4. In social medias, windows have its own disadvantages. There is no possibility of liking pictures in hike and no way to react to photos other than likes in Facebook.

5. Even though the battery saver might not help to save the battery, it also restricts the users from performing actions on social medias.

6. It takes a long duration to recieve a single update for the existing app. Mean while, the android users have the chance to update twice in the same duration of time

7. Most of the inbuilt apps can be updated only under the use of WiFi, where even the users own mobile data might not help.
8. It might be easy for the windows user to switch to android. But it’s not a walk in grass for the android users to switch to windows as this software is so tricky for the beginners to learn the process and it might take some days for the users to learn every nooks.

Friends, this article is not just to showcase the disadvantages of windows software but to make the users aware of the problems they might face in their device.
Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “8 points only windows user can understand

  1. Fantastic article and fantasting blog pist presentation as well..
    Janci (Sorry I am not calling Ji this time), I am surprised to see your blog post’s editing… its perfect!!!!!
    Brilliant!!! Congo girl!!!


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